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Space Bangkok and Space Melbourne, formerly Illoura Peace Retreats, were established in 2016. With backgrounds working in the peace, development, security, and humanitarian sectors on difficult topics and in difficult situations, we are no strangers to the darker sides of difficult work. In fact, we are in many ways bound together through our common experiences of burnout, depression, grief, managing the impact of difficult work on individuals, teams, and organizations, and other challenges. And it is why we do this work. Having walked our own paths through darkness, we are magnetically drawn to finding better ways and are very alive to others' common experiences.

Since 2016, Space Bangkok and Space Melbourne, have worked with hundreds of individuals, teams, and organizations to build resilience, develop leadership, and solve problems creatively. We are also founding members of the Humanity's Thread community of practice building resilience for peacebuilders and others around the world.

Charlie and Jenn at the beginning of Space Everywhere
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