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Space Resilience Retreats

Are you feeling overwhelmed, drained, or on the brink of burnout? Are you tired of feeling like an afterthought? If so, our retreats are for you.

Upcoming Retreats

Resilience retreat atmosphere

Our retreats are all about you. We prioritize your well-being and personal growth. We're dedicated to helping you reignite your inner fire, rediscover your creativity, and reconnect with your true self.

What people are saying about our retreats

We provide the space and nurturing environment for you to conquer life's challenges and fortify your resilience. A serene blend of nature, hands-on experiences, movement, music, storytelling, new relationships, and more will help you reconnect to why you love what you do. Step away from external demands and focus on YOU, enhancing your self-awareness and self-confidence. The best part? We'll equip you with a personalized plan to sustain the peace and mindfulness you'll unearth once you return home.

Custom Retreats

We have been involved with resilience retreats since 2015 and can tailor a retreat for your organization or colleagues.  Interested?  Contact us to start a conversation:

At our retreats, we invite you to put down your heavy burden, unpack what no longer serves, and repack with resilience.

Our retreats are for 5 days and 4 nights. The retreat price includes:

  • Accommodation

  • Most meals catered to accommodate your dietary needs

  • Refreshing snacks and drinks throughout the day

  • Serene green spaces

  • All materials for our creative activities

  • Guided practices to discover your center and amplify resilience

  • A customized blueprint to uphold your newfound mindfulness and resilience long after the retreat

Ready to reclaim control over your life and mental well-being? Read more and register or direct inquiries to Jenn Weidman at

Resilience retreat atmosphere
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